Earthsong – by Crystal Yates

Earthsong is another of those rare decade-old-and-still-running webcomics. As someone who has followed it for almost as long, it is with a sense of nostalgia and awe I realize that it is nearing it’s end, as a fully completed story.

Though with a weekly update schedule, the end can still be cherished for quite some time! 🙂

Part of the cast. Copyright Crystal Yates.

The art and storytelling has improved over the years, and the early parts of the story has been redone, to polish the end result.
While I personally am a fan of seeing the progress of an artist through time, I also fully respect this decision and the end result is aestetically clean.

Earthsong doesn’t set out to spin you a tale of unexpected plot-twists, allowing instead the characters and their dynamics and relations to take center stage.
This is not a story focusing on blood and gore, and though there is drama, risk and even death I would say this webcomic is family-safe.

If you are looking for a fantasy comic with consistent quality in art and writing, which is also family safe I am suggesting you go check out Earthsong.